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A Day in the Life on a Yoga Retreat

Before I go on and even try and capture all the amazing aspects of a day in the life on a yoga retreat, scroll through these photographs and think of a few things that come to mind...

There's so much to share and every retreat is so unique and full of magical moments so I'll just share some highlights with you here and more to come in future blogs.


Likeminded individuals from around the world come together as strangers and leave as friends! Whether you join a retreat with a friend, family member or solo you're guaranteed an amazing experience! Each retreat is filled with so much laughter, sharing, and good times. You'll leave feeling more like you and sometimes too, with a clearer head and vision! Even unexpected things happen and those moments often make the best memories we still talk about today! My lips are sealed.... what happens on retreat stays on retreat! Wink!

Time for you

We have time during every schedule just for you! We're sadly used to a stressful, and hectic life back home. On retreat you'll find a whole lot of time to do as little as you want or as much as you want alone or with others! Read a book, have a spa treatment, hang in the hammock for hours, take a walk, catch some sun, cat nap by the pool, stay a little longer at the table and talk to your new besties, whatever you want to do with your free time! This could include sleeping in and missing yoga.... no judgments on retreat! Late nights happen all the time too!

Unwind and breathe

You notice people start to unwind upon arrival and more and more with each passing hour eventually your biggest decision becomes do I take the cooking class or get a massage or both?! Being removed from our busy hectic lives back home we have the opportunity to live a little different for the week. We typically practice yoga twice daily, a more energetic class in the morning and a chill one in the evening. Take time after class to discuss modifications for your practice and your posture questions. You have your own private yoga instructor away with you for a whole week, so ask.

It's amazing what the week can do for you! Newly made friendships, space for you, yoga and community are just some highlights! Consider the week a reset and recharge that fuels you until we meet again! Retreats are so nourishing that most who join come back again and again and again!

Join us! I'm looking forward to enjoying a retreat with you! Check out my website for upcoming yoga retreats in Italy, Costa Rica, Morocco with more locations to come in 2023!

Elda xo

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